July 28, 2015

Scene at a Railway Station

Scene at a Railway Station

English Essay on "Scene at a Railway Station"

My cousin had come to US from Lahore last March. After a fortnight he intended to return and got his seat reserved in Tezgam. We reached cant onment station half an hour before the departure of the train, bought platform ticket for three persons who had come to see the cousin off and hired a cooli to carry his luggage.
A ticket chocker was standing at the gate. We handed over to him our tickets. He nipped them and then returned them to us. As we stepped in I saw a large crowd. Some were standing or talking. Some were smoking and some were on the move. It appeared as if there was some fair. A few hawkers were selling their articles such as bangles, sweets, cigarettes etc. There were a few tea stalls and Pan cigarette cabins on platform number one which people had surrounded and were buying tea. cakes, pastries coca cola, cigarettes etc. There were some benches on which people were sitting.
After a few minutes, Tezgam was at the platform. Soon there was a stir. Everybody moved briskly towards the train. Everybody was trying to get in. Coolies were busy in throwing the luggage inside he compartments through the windows. There were shouting, callings noises and commotion. Sonic people were trying to get in to the train through the windows. There was such a noise and tumult as if Doomsday had come. 4essay.blogspot.com
Since my cousin’s seat was reserved, I searched tar the conductor in-charge, who was responsible for reserved seat. He was standing at one end guiding passengers to their respective compartment in which their seal were reserved. We entered the first class compartment, put our luggage it the specific place and came out to have a stroll along the platform.
The commotion had abated but the noise was there. The train was full of passengers. Still the late corners were trying to get in. Some passengers who were lucky to get their seats were preventing the new corners from entering the compartment. Some were quarreling and some were enjoying the quarrel. Some were trying to pacify the two parties. We went up to the other end of the train. When we returned back, every body was inside the compartments and waiting for the train to move. We hurried to get my cousin seated before the departure of he train. As he entered his compartment, the signal was downed and the train whistled. We came out of the compartment and the train moved.

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