June 30, 2015

The Female Education

The Female Education

English Essay on "The Female Education"

There were days in undivided India when Muslims girls were refused their right to get education. They were only taught at the most to read the Holy Quran and were not even allowed to read a story book. Most of the Muslim women were totally illiterate but things began to change after Partition. Now in India and Pakistan almost all the girls in cities and towns get education and in villages where there are girls primary schools; girls get education up to primary level.
In Pakistan people may be categorized into three groups. Members of the first group do not send their daughters to schools due to antipathy or poverty. Members of the second group favor female education up to middle or High School level. The third group comprising of liberal minded people is in favor of giving higher education to girls.
Those who don’t want the women to get higher education have their own reasons for that. To them, the first duty of a woman is to be a good housewife and there is no use of higher education for them when ultimately they have to look after Kitchens, babies and household work.(4essay.blogspot.com) They argue that in getting higher education so many years of their life are wasted, that girls lose all the freshness of their youth, get older and it becomes a problem to get them ma tied at that age. Most of the girls who get higher education hate household duties and prefer to serve in offices and to earn.
Those who are in favour of higher education for girls say that a girl has to play three parts in her life, each part having certain duties to perform. She has to three become a good daughter, a good wife and a good mother. If she is educated she will know her duties perfectly and would discharge them honestly.
An educated woman can make a good wife. She knows the needs of her husband, can use all means to give him mental relaxation after his day’s work and can advise him in trouble. She can share his leisure time, and provide hi, pleasure, relaxation and worry less nights.
An educated woman proves a good mother. She can learn from books how to rare children. She can educate them from the beginning and fly to make them worthy persons. She knows their emotional problems and also the ways tackle them.
A woman may have many latent abilities, aptitudes, capabilities and qualities. She can become an outstanding scientist, a good surgeon or physician, prominent political figure or a prominent figure in any field of life, if given necessary education and training. To refuse such prospects to them, to refuse them their right to develop their hidden qualities, capabilities, talent and aptitudes is a sinister act amounting to sin.

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