June 30, 2015

Adult Education

Adult Education

English Essay on "Adult Education"

Adult Education differs from the education we have in schools and colleges. The students in schools and colleges are below twenty one years of age while those who get Adult Education arc above twenty one years of age. The students in schools and colleges are not required to earn bread but those who get adult education are bread earners. Students attend daily their schools and colleges and remain there for many hours but those who get adult education cannot spare so much time daily for reading and writing.
The main purpose of adult education is to teach those persons to read and write who had no opportunity to attend a school and remained illiterate. There are two kinds of persons who need adult education; firstly those who are tot ally illiterate and secondly those who arc semi illiterate. In adult education those who are totally illiterate are taught how to read and write. The course of study prescribed for them is that of primary classes. Those who are semi illiterate are taught the courses prescribed for middle school classes. The aim of this education is to make peoples at least able to read newspapers and express their thoughts and feelings in letters.(4essay.blogspot.com)
The first adult school was established in England under the auspices of churches. They were called Sunday schools. Illiterate adults who came to attend the services at the churches on Sundays were taught after the services for an hour or two. Later the schools began to work daily in the evening.
In Pakistan, adult education was first started in Karachi. There were night schools and were established in the spirit of social service. But soon night schools were established that charged fees and prepared the students working in factories, shops and mills for S.S.C. examinations of Karachi or Lahore board as private candidates.
In the beginning almost all the adult education work was done free. But in big cities like Karachi and Lahore there are people who want to earn and behind all their motives lies the desire to make money. So most of the night schools became source of income for those who ran it.
Adult education is a great move to drive illiteracy out of our country but the problems that hinder this drive are acute. Firstly there are a few free adult schools in Pakistan. Secondly people are generally un-interested in becoming literate and consider it useless thirdly those who are bread earners are over-worked. They have to go to far off places to work in factories, mills and workshops and due to acute conveyance problem it takes hours to return home and they get too tired to attend the schools. They prefer to cat and sleep after they return from work.

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