June 30, 2015

Students and Politics

Students and Politics

English Essay on "Students and Politics"

Of late much has been said in pros and cons of the burning question, "Should students take part in politics". A few years ago the supreme court of Pakistan gave their verdict on the question and prohibited the students from taking active part in politics. The government of all the four provinces imposed ban on student’s political organizations. The educational institutions went a step farther and before giving them admission they demanded the students to submit un undertaking that they would not take part in politics. Despite all these steps the things arc not so bright as expected.
We know that anything, if done unscrupulously, will lose its charms and benefits. Even the acts of kindness, generosity and magnanimity become undesirable if not kept within limits and arc performed recklessly. The participation of students in politics is not an exception.(4essay.blogspot.com) Since it has not been done in an appropriate way, and has been given the freedom of crossing all limits, it has become a curse.
Unfortunately, in Pakistan all the major political parties have their baby organizations in schools, colleges, vocational institutes and universities. These organizations have not been reacted with a view to training the students for future but only for serving the political ends and interest of their parent politic all parties. They arc encouraged by their parent bodies to take extreme actions to crush their opponent by violence and to create commotions. The educational institutions are closed for long periods due to their strikes, killings, putting offices to fire, breaking furniture and destroying what things they can lay hands on. And when the culprits are arrested the concerned political parties put up a hue and cry, issue threatening statements and accuse the authorities with the result that the culprits become heroes and get encouragement.
Students have the right to prepare themselves for the future. Some of them would be required in future to lead people politically, to participate in the politics of the country or hold sonic important political office in the government. To prepare themselves for this, they need practical training so that they may prove efficient leaders in future. This training must start on a small scale. They should not be allowed to take active part in the politics of the country and play tools in the hands of senior politicians who serve their political ends by instigating them. In fact the student who participate in the politics of the country and behave like a puppet in the hands of selfish and conscience-less senior politician serve neither themselves nor the country.
Our students arc intelligent. They should realize their duty as a student and should not sacrifice their academic career for politics. They must, first of all, get knowledge, then participate in politics.
They are reasonable, patriotic and selfless. They must not fly to destroy the properties of their institutions or public properties. Their politics must be limited to the affairs of their debating societies and unions for training purpose.

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