June 30, 2015

Importance of Games

Importance of Games

English Essay on "Importance of Games"

Games have been important to man since the days of yore. Sumerians, Babylonians an Ninevelians took parts in different games and sports and held competitions. Spartans, Romans and Greeks gave much attention to their physical beauty which they tried to attain through games and sports. Greeks held Olympic games every fourth years.
Nature realizes the importance of games, sports and physical activities. From the beginning a child takes interest in games and likes to play all the time naturally. The instinct of play is very active from the very beginning in man, animals and birds. We see the off springs of all animals and birds engaged in sportive activities and playing with each other. Thus, Nature wants us to realize the importance of games.
Games make us physically stronger and tougher. They develop our stamina and improve the lung and heart capacities and working. The heart muscles develop and become capable of pumping more blood with greater force at a time to cater the needs of our body cells more efficiently with the result that number of pumping per minute decreases and the heart gets more rest.4essay.blogspot.com
Games teach us social behaviours. We learn to respect rules and laws. We learn to submit to authorities. We learn to cooperate. We learn the principle of give and take. We learn to control our sentiments, reactions, and anger.
We learn to behave amicably. We learn how to compete fairly and how to try to achieve our goals honestly. We learn to realize our mistakes and correct them. We learn to pardon others for their faults. We learn the value of team work. We learn to face adversity. We cultivate the qualities of endurance, fortitude and tolerance. We get trained not to be nervous or be upset at the first failure but try to overcome the hardships and hindrances.
Games and sports also teach us not to be ashamed of failure or resent others superiority. They teach us to take part in the struggle for life like a sportsman, not to boast in success, and to forgive others for their shortcomings. They teach the value of discipline in life. They teach us that the important things are to participate, to Endeavour and to lace but the results are not important. When two people compete with each other one must lose, but the most important thing is to sec that in the competition how fairly, courageously and honestly they have taken part.

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