June 30, 2015

A Journey By Train

A Journey By Train

English Essay on "A Journey By Train"

Last year, during summer vacation, I had an occasion to go to Sukkur. We could have reached Sukkur by bus but it was something tedious as we had to go to Hyderabad by bus and take a wagon bound for Nawab Shah and then at Nawab Shah take another wagon bound for Sukkur. So I decided to go by train. I bought my ticket from railway agency at Gru Mandir and reached Cantonment station half an hour before the departure time. The Mail bound for Rohri was over crowded. Passengers were shouting and trying to get into the railway carriage, since my seat was already booked I got my seat easily.
The train started just at the appointed time. It stopped at Drigh Road, and Malir cantt and then ran for Jung Shahi. I had my seat just near a window and was peeping through it. Vast deserts with no trees or plants ran past me. Gushes of hot wind came through the window and brought with it the grey dust of sand.(4essay.blogspot.com)
The train ran without stopping at Rn Pathani. It stopped for a few minutes at Jung Shahi which appeared deserted. Only two hawkers, and two passengers were there. From Jung shahi the train started for Kotri. Kotri has long platform. Some passengers were getting down and some were trying to board. Hawkers shouted and sold Kabab Roti, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pan and cigarette. Railway coolis were busy in taking luggage down or throwing into the train.
From Kotri the train started and halted at Hyderabad. It was a busy station. Quite a good number of passengers got down the train there. I came out to roam about and see the station. After half an hour, a new engine was attached to the train and the train started again halting at Nawab Shah, Shahdad pur and also at a few more stations. At last it reached Rohri.
Rohri is a junction. It is a big station with many platforms. My bogy was taken off the mail rain and attached to a passenger train bound for Sukkur. The passenger train reached Sukkur at dusk and thus the journey came to an end.

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