June 30, 2015

A Journey By Bus

A Journey By Bus

English Essay on "A Journey By Bus"

Last summer, the marriage ceremony of my Uncle’s elder daughter was held at Hyderabad. My family had already gone there and only I was left behind in Karachi because my school had not closed for summer vacation yet. My programmed was to reach Hyderabad a day before the marriage day.
I took my Hyderabad bound bus at 7 a.m. at wood street. At 7:30 the bus started with only a few passengers. It moved a few yards and stopped for passengers who were waiting at the McLeod road corner. Then from Numaish to Sohrab Goth it stopped at every ten or fifteen yards for the passengers till there was no room to stand even and the extra passengers had the honour to sit on the roof.
The sun rose higher and higher and it became hotter and hotter. The wind coming in through the windows was hot and brought dust with it. Every one was perspiring profusely and Was grey with dust. Our first stop was Gharo. There were hotels by the road side where flies swarmed and people spat on the floor. Some passengers got down to take coca cola or tea. After fifteen minutes, the horn of the bus was blown by the driver. The passengers rushed in and the bus started moving.(4essay.blogspot.com)
The next stop of the bus was at Thatta. Here better hotels were seen. Nearly all the passengers got down to take refreshment. I also got down as due to sitting in the bus for about two hours my legs had become numb. I drank a bottle of coca cola to quench the thirst. Flies swarmed there also. After half an hour the bus started again.
The bus again stopped at Shujawal. Thence it ran straight for Hyderabad crossing the Kotri bridge it first stopped near Hyderabad railway station where I got down covered with dust and sweat. I took a Tonga for my uncle’s house and reached quite exhausted. After a cold shower 1 was able to relate the damned Journey.

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