May 10, 2015

Why The Tourism Should Be Encouraged

Why The Tourism Should Be Encouraged

English Essay on "Why The Tourism Should Be Encouraged"

'Tourism', tourist traffic', 'tourist trade', and 'tourist industry' are synonymous terms. A tourist is a foreign traveller. He does no stay at one particular place or in one particular country abroad. His ultimately aim is to return home. He spends the money, which he has brought from home, and seeks no employment in the country he is visiting. His purpose in visiting the foreign country is to see sight, improve his health, or further his studies.
The greatest benefit that tourists bring to a country is the foreign exchange. Since no currency is a legal tender beyond the boundaries of its country he is visiting. Foreign exchange is necessary for buying things from abroad. Normally it is earned by selling tin, rubber goods abroad. And with the foreign exchange thus obtained we buy all types of machinery, textiles, chemicals, and foods from the countries who buy our goods. But the foreign exchange earned from tourists is not in return for goods supplied but for services rendered. Tourist trade is responsible for supplying livelihood to millions of people all over the world. Shipping-lines, airlines, and all other transport agencies which are directly employed in carrying tourists from country to country employ million of people. Then there are people employed at sea-ports, airports, railways-stations and other places of call. Hotels, which accommodate tourists during their stay abroad, also employ many people as waiters, receptionists, cooks, etc. Many people earn their livings by serving as guides to tourists, curio shops, places of amusement, health-resort, and places of historical and cultural importance; all these are vastly patronized by tourist. The more they can attract them, the more they will spend. A tourist is more willing to spend than a person than a person staying at home or travelling within his own country,
In modern times, more countries are spending more and more on projects to make them internationally known and understood. Just consider the amount of free literature that daily flows out of the foreign embassies in our own country. Most embassies distribute pamphlets bearing on geographical, historical, cultural and financial aspects of their countries of origin. Others put up free exhibition in order to create an image of their nations in the minds of the local people. But all these measures are poor substitutes for tourists. There are few people these days really interested in reading books-much less the pamphlets and books distributed free.( The first question the recipient of such literature asks himself is Why do they want me to read it usually the decided not to touch it. A tourist is keen to learn about the country he is visiting. He should be shown and told all that a nation wants to display to the people in foreign lands, after seeing and learning this, when he returns home, he will relate his experience to his own people. Thus he will bring about international understanding and' goodwill not only effectively but also cheaply,

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