May 10, 2015

How Tourism Can Be Developed

How Tourism Can Be Developed

English Essay on "How Tourism Can Be Developed"

It is agreed on all hands that tourism is beneficial to the countries visited by foreign travelers. It helps earn foreign exchange. Many people find employment because of it. It also enables the country to be better known abroad. Let us consider what measures may be taken to 'develop the tourist trade of a country.
A tourist's first concern is accommodation. It should be decent, easily available, and, though not all tourist care for this, cheap. It is necessary therefore to put up hotels and inns at all places likely to be visited by tourists. These hotels should be of internationally approved standards and so should be the services supplied by them.
His next concern is transport. Very few tourists, is any, bring along their own transport. They need fast, comfortable, and reliable means of transport. Buses, taxis, and trains should all, be available. They should be Well kept and available whenever they are necessary or at a fairly short notice. In hot countries, it may be necessary to provide air-conditioned coaches, taxi, and buses for the tourists. As this may be very expensive to do, the governments themselves should maintain such vehicles or subsidies their maintenance by travel agencies.
The tourist usually come to see sights, so stay at health resorts, or to pursue further studies. Pamphlets and hand-outs listing such facilities should be brought out and distributed in foreign countries through the diplomatic mission abroad. The national tourist organization should take whatever other measures they can take to advertise the places of tourist' interest in their countries. This could be done by means of short documentary films displayed abroad or through advertisement in newspapers' and magazines having international readership. Historical monuments should be kept in proper repair and all possible information about them including view-cards, etc. should be available on site for the visitor to read, see, or buy.
But it is people that can attract tourist most of all. Taxi drivers, for example can create such good impression on the tourist they carry about that the tourist will go home and plead with their compatriots to visit the country concerned. Poor services rendered will only lead to fewer tourists arriving in future. The 'prices of goods in the shops patronized by tourists and the behaviour of shopkeeper, salesmen and saleswomen are equally important factors in the development of tourists trade.( Availability of fully qualified guides who know the language of group they are taking round is important, too. The customs and immigration authorities at the sea-ports or airports can annoy or please tourist. Hoteliers and their employees too can give the tourists good time they deserve.
And much more important than all these people are the common people. They do no direct business with tourists. But they must remember that these people are paying guests who add immensely to the national wealth of their countries. Tourism should not be the concern only of the people who directly deal with tourists but of everybody in the country. Its importance should be brought to the notice of everybody.

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