May 10, 2015

Myself In Twenty Years

Myself In Twenty Years

English Essay on "Myself In Twenty Years"

I am only 15 at the time of writing this essay. In 20 years' time, I shall be 35 years old. I may even be dead long before that time. The world itself may not be what it is now or what we expect it to be then. Nuclear warfare may have put an end to all life or earth. There may be nobody there, in 25 years time to confirm whether my prediction about myself was correct or whether it was a mere dream But if all goes well with world and I am still alive I should be practicing, doctor at 35.
I am fairly good at studies. I am sure to pass all examinations, including the one leading to the conferment of a medical degree on me. After doing my house man ship in some hospital in Malaysia, I shall proceed to London from where I shall return a M.R.C.P. (Member of the Royal, College of Physicians). I shall be 25 then. I shall set up private practice in my hometown, which has up to now without the services of a fully qualified doctor.
This means that I shall have been practicing medicine for more than ten years when I am 35. I shall also been married for some time then. Even if I disliked the idea of marrying, it would not be possible for me to stay single for long. My flourishing medical practice and my fame would compel many a young lady, some of them doctors themselves, to harass me with offers of matrimony.( Many ambitious parents of girls would like to 'buy' me over with their millions. Their bungalows, their tin-mines and their rubber estates but I have no mind to stay an eligible bachelor for very long after completing my medical studies. Of course, my wife will be a doctor herself and will help me run the clinic. Our clinic will be very popular. It will be suitable for male patients as well as for the female ones. In case of doubt, each of us will have the other to consult.
I shall be a member of many social organizations, like the Rotary Club, the lions clubs and the medical Association. I both my wife and I will devote much of our time and money to helping the poor.
We shall have three children by that time and will crave for no more. In twenty years' time the world, will have become so heavily populated that a couple having more than three children will be looked upon with contempt.
A man of 35 is still a young man. I shall still be playing hockey, football, and cricket in all of which I am keenly interested at the moment. I may still be representing my state and my nation at one or more of these games.

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