May 10, 2015

Vocational Education

Vocational Education

English Essay on "Vocational Education"

We have inherited our present educational system from our former masters, who needed only clerks and produced them. The result of following the same system after our masters have gone, continues to produce clerks who are now not needed in such a number. Consequently, we are faced with the acute problem of unemployment’s and to provide employment to all these graduates and post graduate is impossible. That is why in every house one or more unemployed graduates can be found. This unemployment is to be get crimes and hence the lawlessness and crimes are on the increase.
It is high time that the recognition to the need of vocational education is given. If started in earnest from school level and continued up to university, the problem of unemployment may be solved to a great extent and those who do riot get job may become self employed.
Our country is in the process of development. Industrialization of the country demands skilled labour, craftsmen, technicians and engineers. To meet the future demand the ministry of education should chalk out a programme to introduce vocational education at the school level.
It is sad that in the presence of polytechnic institutes, vocational education is not considered necessary at school level. But the fact is that these polytechnic institutes arc wasting energy and money. The teachers are mostly those who have passed examination of Diploma Associate They conic in the class and dictate notes from their notebooks which most of the students are unable to follow.( The practical side remains almost nil. In institute where there arc machines for practical work, they are never used and gel rusted. In the examine the students resort to copying from their notes and pass the examination with flying colours. In the practical examination, the examiner is himself ignorant so all the students arc asked oral questions. The result is that those who gel the diploma in a trade remain as ignorant and raw as they were at the time of admission.
What has been said above is no conjecture but is fact. In my family there are many such diploma holders and all of them know nothing about their trades. The government should review the scheme and arrange to provide able and experienced teachers in polytechnic institutes and should arrange for thorough practical training.
For practical training the students should be sent to factories, mills and works hops etc. Arrangements for practical training of these students may be made with those factories, mills and workshops and an expert of the trade is deputed to take their practical examination.
It is regrettable that industrialists in Pakistan prefer uneducated and untrained persons to those who are educated. This is because they have to pay less salary to these untrained and uneducated men. I know a man who was a first class Diploma Holder in electricity. He was employed as a labour in a mill on daily wages.
This tendency of not recognizing the need of trained technical hands, only with a view to saving money and becoming richer and richer is also a cause of discouragement to the boys to take technical education.
In nearly all the countries, technical education is given due importance. They have an elaborate scheme to get their students trained thoroughly. They also send their brilliant students abroad for specialized training.

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