May 10, 2015

Compulsory Military Training

Compulsory Military Training

English Essay on "Compulsory Military Training"

Compulsory military training does not mean the type of training given to students in colleges under national cadet corps scheme, for this training has failed to bring the desired results and has been discouraging so far, To train boys for ten days at a stretch in two sessions falls far behind to bring about the required results.
The military training should be made compulsory for all young men in the country. There should be no exception but for those only who are in any way, handicapped due to deformity of the limbs or suffer from some serious diseases. Lame excuses should be rejected and employment in any department, mill, factory, machine shop, etc, should be strictly given to those who have completed their term of military training.
The training itself must be intensive and the trainees should be paid to enable them to meet their obligations. Thus we will have soldiers and officers thoroughly trained and in case of need can use them.
The age, we live in, demands every country to remain in a state of preparedness. If we look round we will find conflicts, hostilities, wars and clashes in every corner of the world. The conception of nationalism, the competition for economic domination of other countries among advanced countries, the struggle for capturing new markets and the ambition for power and such other things are the causes of these conflicts. It is therefore imperative that we remain always prepared to meet any aggression thrust upon us. The introduction of compulsory military training scheme will place at our hands ample welt trained soldiers and officers.
Modern war fares do not remain confined to armies only. The entire nation becomes involved in modern wars. As trained soldier! the entire nation may become a great power to put up many lines of defence if the nation is well trained it will not fall victim to subversive he activities of the enemy as every will be knowing where the agents of the enemy are active and how to counteract them.
Compulsory military training will help the nation in another way also. it will teach the people discipline, obedience and will create other qualities like sound character, dashing spirit, healthy outlook, boldness, team spirit, and cooperation.( Every trained person will be active, agile and nimble. A nation armed with such national qualities will always progress, will walk in triumph in all fields of life, and will be in a position to face any emergency or situation.
Compulsory military training is not anything new. In olden days Spartans and Romans had adopted this scheme for rank mid tile too. In modern days many countries like China, Britain, Russia etc., have introduced compulsory military training scheme in their countries.

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