May 10, 2015

N.C.C Training in Colleges

N.C.C Training in Colleges

English Essay on "N.C.C Training in Colleges"

We are living in an age of economic conflicts. Industrially advanced countries try to capture the markets of other countries and the struggles lead to wars iii the tong run. If we took around we will see conflicts, wars, clashes, and hostilities. Under these circumstances no weak country is safe. Prudence, therefore, requires every country to be prepared and alert so that she is not caught unawares. Hence it is necessary o make thorough preparations on the national level for Pakistan, too.
In most of the countries they have introduced military training for youths. Some countries have made it compulsory for the young people to get military training and serve for a specified period. Some countries have introduced at college and university levels. In Pakistan it has been introduced at college level only.
The N.C.C. scheme provides military training to the boys and girls in colleges. This training is of semi military nature and is only preliminary. In every college boys and girls of intermediate classes are required to get it. ( A department on all Pakistan level has been established to chalk out programme and execute it. Officers, subedars and sirdars from regular army arc deputed to give the training.
In colleges they give military training in two sessions often days each. Classes are suspended for these twenty days and students attend parade ground. They are trained for many hours daily continuously with the result that they get overtired and blisters crop up on their feet. These blisters and the fatigue make them bore and they lose interest.
In India they have introduced military training at college and university levels both. In colleges, students are trained on alternate days after college hours for two hours. College teachers are given training and these teachers in turn train the boys. This scheme introduced in India is better than one in vogue in Pakistan. It does not over-tire the participants. They get more hours to get training and the students are not bored.
The N.C.C. scheme has advantages of its own. The trained Youngman can be utilized in case of emergency after giving some days basic training. Since wars of our days are total wars in which not only the army but the entire nation is involved, those trained young boys can be used to form the rear line of defence and since they has been driven preliminary training as to how to camouflage and how to use rifles, they may prove better than raw hands to defend the country.
It is high time that the authorities remove the defects of the scheme and make it more advantageous and useful. The training should be given more thoroughly but the boys must not be tired out at a stretch to make them lose the interest.

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