May 10, 2015

Advertising Good or Bad

Advertising Good or Bad

English Essay on "Advertising Good or Bad"

The purpose of advertising is to promote the sale of commodity or to spread or contradict an idea. In ancient times public criers carried out advertising. The printing press was invented in the 15th century. Since then printed advertisement have been common during the first half of this century three more media of public information and amusement came into being. These are cinema, radio, and television Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and handbills carry written information to their readers. Radio employs sound. Cinema and television appeal to the ear' as well as 'to the eye. All these media have proved to be extremely effective means of promoting sales or spreading ideas.
Some people feel that advertising increases the prices of commodities advertised. Writers are employed to write out slogans and scripts for advertisements. Artists and actors are involved in the preparation of film-reels and filmstrips. The scripts are published in newspapers and magazines and spoken over the commercial radio net-works. The films are shown in cinema-halls and on the commercial television network. All these persons and organizations have to pay for their services. The money paid to them will no doubt be added to the total costs of production before the sale prices are fixed. But it is overlooked that by increasing the demand for a commodity, advertising makes it possible to produce the commodity in a very large quantity. Thus the cost of production per unit is lowered, and so does the sale price.
Another complaint generally heard against advertising is that it leaves the people no choice in purchasing the goods they need. Having heard and read of a commodity again and again they tend to ignore other commodities even if they are better. This charge should be true if all newspapers and other advertising media in any country belonged to one particular party and that party did not allow any goods other than its own to be advertised through them. So long as all manufacturers of goods are free to advertise their commodities, there is no fear of anybody monopolizing the market merely by advertising his goods Further, it should be appreciated that the consumers do understand the tricks employed by advertisers. They cannot be misled so easily as some people think.
Advertising makes our daily newspapers and periodicals cheaper for us. But for the income from advertisements, no newspapers would cost a mere 15 cents to their readers. Similarly the quality of radio broadcasts and television programs owes itself to advertising.( To make advertising effective, as many people as possible must be attracted to listen or view these programs, as the case may be. Therefore they have to be of a high quality.
Advertising is useful to all concerned but if there is any fear of its miss-leading the consumers they should form their own association, which through daily or weekly publications, should give objective information on all goods of daily consumption.

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