May 10, 2015

The Importance of Commercial Education

The Importance of Commercial Education

English Essay on "The Importance of Commercial Education"

Commerce comprises a group of specialized activities which together form an essential part of the process of production. It links the supplies and consumers by means of trade and activities auxiliary to trade such as transport, banking insurance and ware-housing.
It has been rightly said that commerce is the blood of a nation. A nation’s economic prosperity is closely linked with the development of her commerce. In modern age no country can develop her industries without giving equal priority to the development of commerce.
Commerce comprises of many fields such as banking, insurance, foreign exchange, accountancy cost accountancy, marketing, statistics and so on. All these fields demand, specialization. For specialization, thorough theoretical knowledge coupled with vast practical experiences, is needed and the knowledge and the practical experience conic through thorough instructions on the subjects in theory and practice.( Hence the importance of commercial education in Pakistan cannot be ignored.
Pakistan is a developing country. She needs the development of commerce if she wants to develop her industries. To develop commerce specialized hands arc needed for each specialized field. To prepare specialized hands enough colleges and institutes are required so that they may cope with the increasing hand of specialized hands. If commercial colleges are given due important and are established throughout the country they can meet the demand specialized hands and thus they may help the development of Pakistan.
In Pakistan due importance is not given to commercial education. The banks, the insurance companies, and the commercial institutions don’t bother to ensure that the persons they are recruiting for training or arc employing are commerce graduates. I know a lot of persons in banks and insurance companies who are science graduate or arts graduates. This attitude of the banks and insurance companies is discouraging and students are reluctant to take commerce, as they think that there is no scope for commerce graduates in Pakistan.
The banks and insurance companies which recruit science and arts graduates have to spend a lot of money and time on the training of these raw hands. Instead, if they prefer commerce graduates, less money and Fairless time will be needed to give them practical training as these graduates are already acquainted with the theory.
Provided the banks the insurance companies and comical concerns change their recruitment policy, there is much scope for the commerce graduates. The country is in the process of development and ample jobs will be awaiting suitable commerce graduates.

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