February 11, 2015

Town Life Versus Country Life

Town Life Versus Country Life

English Essay on "Town Life Versus Country Life"

Poets and writers have 'written a great deal in praise of the county, Cowper went too far as to say God made the country and man 'made the town. 'Wordsworth and Coleridge, the great English poets, lived and wrote in lakes District of England. Intellectual People like to stay in the country because it is totally free of the noise and turmoil of the town.
In the country one can see forests, rivers, springs and hills, as God made them. There one can see nature and her wonders at first hand. Artificial gardens, parks and pools in the town are nothing compared to the forests, meadows, and lakes of the countryside.
Buildings in the town are high and so close to one another that many people living in them have never seen the sun rise in the morning, or set in the evening. Sunshine can never find access too many of the rooms in them. Their occupants seldom get a breath of fresh morning air. In the absence of sunshine and fresh air germs of all types of diseases flourish in these houses. As a matter of fact, the air all over the town is saturated with the stench and various impurities, which cause and help to spread diseases. In the country, one has abundant supply of fresh air and sunshine a villager is hardly aware of the existence of the various diseases commonly found in towns.
Families in village have been living side by side since times immemorial. In many cases the whole village is the off spring of a single ancestor. Thus, brotherly feelings prevail among them. In towns, we know of many people who have no idea as to who lives.(4essay.blogspot.com) in the house next to theirs. People in towns are rather indifferent towards one another.
Townsfolk usually boast of their high education, their social advancement and such other achievements. But they can hardly deny that there is more crime in the town than in the country.
But the town has many things which every person in the country would like to have but' cannot get Towns all over the world are full of schools, colleges and universities which a small village in the country cannot even dream having. Thus every child in the town has the opportunity to receive adequate education, whereas May children in the country have to go without even elementary education.
There are big markets in the town where people can buy and sell whatever they like. There are cinema-halls, public parks and other places of recreation. There are cars and buses for the people to travel in, and hospitals to take care of their health. There are town councils to improve the conditions of life in towns. All the modern amenities of life like drinking water and electricity are available in the town. Much as one would like to provide all these facilities to the people in the country. One simply cannot do so.
Let us, however, not forget that the town depends for its comfort and grandeur on the country. Were all people in the country to flee to big cities and towns, the world soon starving to death Similarly, if there were no towns, the country would become even poorer than it is now. There would then be no market for the produce, which the country has to sell. Towns and villages are partners and not rivals they have to exit side by side.

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