February 11, 2015

If I Were A Millionaire

If I Were A Millionaire

English Essay on "If I Were A Millionaire"

I am a young, boy still in my teens. You may think I am too young to understand the value of money. But your fears are wrong. Were I a millionaire this is how I would spend my money.
I would not miss-spend a single cent of my immense fortune. I dislike wine and gambling and will try to continue all my life, to stay away from both I would entertain friends, and give parties, as all rich people do, but my friends would be carefully chosen and my parties would never be too lavish.
For the time being I would spend money only on my education. I would work hard at my lessons, but, if necessary, I would employ one or more private tutors to help me with my studies along with English and Malay. I would study French, and do my best to acquire mastery over that language too.
Having completed my education in Malaysia I would go on a world tour. I would leave for Australia and New Zealand first. From there I would sail to Africa and travel all over that continent. I would visit some gold mines in 'South Africa. The famous Victoria Falls in Rhodesia, and Pyramids in Egypt While travelling from South to North, I would join a few hunting parties on 'safari'.
From Egypt, I would fly to South America. Along with visiting the places of interest there, I would go on a cruise up the River Amazon. From South America, I would sail to the United States of America through the Panama Canal.
I would stay in the states for some years. I would spend most of my time at the famous Columbia University studying for the Degree in journalism. During the long vacations, I would travel all over the North America and meet and talk to as many scholars and political leaders as possible. I would visit all the large cities and centers of industry in North America, including Washington, New York and Ottawa. A visit to the Niagara Falls would not be missed at any cost.
After obtaining the Degree in Journalism, I would proceed to Britain. I would certainly pass a few months in England and visit the various places connected with famous poets, dramatists, novelists, and other celebrities of England and Scotland, besides the places of historical interest in the two territories. Start-ford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, and the Lake District, where Wordsworth lived and wrote, would definitely be among the places I should visit.
Then I would visit some European countries. On the way home, I would visit the Middle East countries like Turkey, Iran, lraq and Afghanistan Before returning home. I would spend a few years visiting and studying the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand, indo China, Indonesia, the Philippines and other.
Having returned home after about ten year abroad, I would put up a new house and get married. Then I would write a book about what I had seen and heard during my stay abroad.
Having settled down, I would start a chain of newspapers under my general supervision. My knowledge of journalism should help me to make a success of them.(4essay.blogspot.com) Most of the profit from this business would go to charitable institutions in this country.
At 54 years of age, I would think of spending off my vast wealth. I would build a well-equipped hospital in every major town in Malaysia. And make a free gift of it to the government. Any money still left will be used for setting up a degree college in my home town.
My children would be given the best possible education both in Malaysia and abroad, and a good start in life. I do not 'think all millionaires know how to make good use of their money therefore, I would not increase their numbers by making my children millionaire. I would only leave them as much money as they should need to lead worthwhile lives.

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