February 11, 2015

Should Festivals Be Abolished

Should Festivals Be Abolished

English Essay on "Should Festivals Be Abolished"

Festivals are days of rejoicing and feasting in commemoration of some great events or personalities in the history of a religion or a nation. Christmas, reminds us of the teachings and sacrifices of Christ Hari Raya Pausa and Hari Raya Haji commemorate historical events and teaching of Islam, while Deepavali has a special message for the Hindus.
Festivals provide an opportunity for people to dedicate themselves, at least once a. year, to certain causes so steadfastly and devotedly upheld by their religious guides. Cultural festivals like the Chinese or Pakistanis New Year keep alive the ancient traditions of nations. Once in a while, the modern society of the 20th century is reminded of the social customs and traditions of the past.
Festivals, as their name implies, provide an opportunity for feasting. They may not, therefore, be of much importance to the rich, because they are always well-fed. But the poor people in all countries prepare special foods and wear new dresses only on a festival day, perhaps, only the poor, or those who have been poor, can fully' appreciate what a festival means to a poor man's children.
Rich people in business may have a holiday from their work whenever they choose. Office-workers, teachers, and I students have holidays now and then. But poor laborers have a day of leisure only on festival days. Were the festivals to be abolished, even these few days of rest would be absent from their lives.
But some people do not make proper use of festivals. They make them occasions for drinking, gambling and other such evil practices. Many fights take place and many 'murders are committed. People get drunk and then speak and behave irresponsibly. Often, one may find a few drunkards lying unconscious by the roadside, being kicked and spat at by the passers by Some people borrow money to put on a grand show for such occasions. This is a very dangerous practice. Having put off a grand show once, they have to do so on every subsequent occasion. Otherwise they might lose face in the eyes of their neighbours and relatives. This leads to their borrowing again and again till they are completely ruined.
These practices of drinking, gambling and borrowing money upset some reformers so much that they advocate the abolition of festivals altogether. I do not agree with them. I feel that festivals should not be' abolished, but that people should be taught to make correct use of them.

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