February 11, 2015

Should Homework Be Abolished

Should Homework Be Abolished

English Essay on "Should Homework Be Abolished"

Should homework be abolished Put this motion to the vote at a gathering of students, and probably it will be unanimously carried out. Young people are playful by nature and like t6 do little that is imposed on them. Were parents and teacher to be guarded by the choice and convenience of their children and pupils, there would be no serious education given to them. May be there would be no schools at all. But let us consider how far homework helps, or hinders. The progress of education, before we decide whether or not it should be abolished.
We have to learn a number of subjects at school. A subject is seldom allotted more than a period of 40 minutes a day. During this short time, the teacher can do nothing besides explaining a few problems. There is not much time left for the pupils to master what they have learned. Wise people say that practice make a man perfect. Students can take this practice only at home, where they have sufficient time and seclusion to play attention to their studies.
From the social point of view, also, homework is necessary. It keeps young people busy. Instead of roaming all over the town and assembling at street corner to the irritation of many passers-by, they stay at home and spend their time more usefully, doing their homework. The saying that an idle brain is the devil's workshop, applies best to a young brain.
Homework may be dull, too difficult, or simply too much. The aim of homework should be to help us in mastering our subjects and to pass our leisure hours more usefully. If the work assigned is too easy, it does not serve either of these purposes. Some teachers think that a student will understand a problem only if it is explained to him after he has failed to' solve it by himself.(4essay.blogspot.com) They therefore, choose very difficult assignments for their pupils. As a result, the latter are often so much discouraged that they make no effort to do their homework. To save themselves from punishment, however, they develop the habit of telling lies. They tell the teacher that they tried hard but could not succeed in doing the work set them. Otherwise, they get their parents and friends to help them with it.
Some teachers give so much homework that the pupils cannot finish it, however hard they may try. Some teachers are so lazy that they never take the trouble to go through the Homework done by the pupils. The result is that the pupils do not know that mistakes they have made in it. For this last reason, it is often suggested that all important problems should either be done by the teacher in front of the class, or be done by the class in front of the teacher.
I think that homework should not be abolished, but crude methods of assigning homework should definitely be abolished. Teachers should allow their pupils sufficient time for games and sports after school. Otherwise, their health will be affected. Teachers should co-operate rather than compete with one another in assigning homework different days should be set aside for homework in various subjects to prevent this happening.
Homework must be interesting and purposeful. To be so, it must be such as can be done by an average student with a certain amount of effort. Every time a pupil successfully attempts a problem without anybody else's help, he feels encouraged to attempt another. Extremely difficult problems should not be assigned; they cannot be done by an average pupil. On the other hand problems, which are too easy, are purposeless.

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