February 11, 2015

Aeroplanes Good Or Bad

Aeroplanes-Good Or Bad

English Essay on "Aeroplanes-Good Or Bad"

The 'invention of the aero plane had made travel and transport very fast now one can fly round half the world in a single day. One can travel to a foreign country, do one's business there, and return home in a neighbouring town. The aero plane has made the world such a small place.
In former times, people could not travel across the thick forests of Central Africa and South America. They stood like impassable barriers between the various parts of the continents. But no one can fly over them and one need not even think of the necessity of laying out a road or a railway through them. Many valuable lives had been lost and a great deal of wealth wasted before two men set foot on the top of Mount Everest. Plane loads of people can fly even higher than Mount Everest with no effort from any of them.
In ancient times, many people died of thirst and starvation when a country was in the grip of drought 'or famine. There was usually plenty of food and water within a few hundred miles of the affected areas, but, then, who would have thought of travelling so far Those who were bold enough to try to reach those sources of supply, died on the way. People who were stranded during floods, also, died of hunger and thirst. With the help of airplanes the threat of famine can be very quickly and effectively dealt with.
In some countries, such as Australia, they use airplane to make artificial rain. The locust menace to crops and plants in many countries has nearly been eliminated with the use of airplanes. Planes are widely used for detecting the presence of minerals underground. Fishermen on high seas use trawler-based planes for discovering shoals of fish.
Much, of the military superiority of a nation now depends on its air power. Aero planes are also used for patrolling the borders of countries, as a counter missile against smuggling Helicopters are used for travelling to places where there are no airfields for the bigger planes to land. They can carry people who need medical attention straight to a hospital.
But all that glitters is not gold. Aero planes have some defects too. If the engine of a car develops some trouble, it can be parked by the roadside and repaired, but if the engine of an aero plane in flight fails, the plane is sure to crash, causing loss of many valuable lives.(4essay.blogspot.com) Some adventurers use aero planes for smuggling contrabands into various countries, and just as planes can prevent incursion of foreigners into a country, so can they be the means of bringing foreign invaders into her.
Aero planes have added immeasurably to the destructive forces of war. Informer times, wars did not claim so many lives or destroy so much property as they do now, Random bombardment from the air can bring about vast destruction. So far only two nuclear bombs have been used in war, and both of them were dropped from aero planes.
It will be seen that a aero plane can be used both for construction and for destruction its use of abuse depends entirely on man. If it is used wisely and responsibly, it is a source of man's happiness and comfort. But if man wants to destroy his own world, why blame the poor aero plane which is nothing more or less than an obedient servant always at its mater's beck and call.

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