January 29, 2015

A School Dramatic Society

A School Dramatic Society

English Essay on "A School Dramatic Society"

There are many societies organized in my school. Some of them are the Historical Society, the Geographical Society, the Literary and Debating Society, the Dramatic Society, and the Cinema Society. I am a member of the Dramatic Society. Here are a few facts about it.
The society has been in existence for almost a quarter of a century. Its members are drawn from amongst the students. In some schools a student remains attached to one society or another throughout his stay but in our school the students are assigned to new societies every year. This is done in order to acquaint them with the activities of as many societies possible. For this reason, it should be clear to the reader that my membership of the Dramatic Society is hardly likely to continue after the 31st of December, this year.
There are about 25 members of the Dramatic Society. All of us come from III, IV, and V. The society has a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and Assistant Secretary, and several other office-bearers. We have no treasurer because we do not collect any membership fee, but if ever some funds are raised the secretaries take care of them. A senior teacher is our Adviser.
The chief aim of the society is to teach its members how to act. We are taught how to speak with gestures and how to, make our voices bring out our true feelings. Our activities help the more timid of us to get rid of their shyness. We are given ample opportunity to talk and act with imagination. All of us are treated equally and allowed to say whatever they like, without any fear of being ridiculed.
At every meeting there is something to do. Usually we act a play in different groups, and credit goes to group that acts it best of all.(4essay.blogspot.com) Sometimes we choose a certain character to portray, for example, a mad man, a drunkard, or some famous comic or tragic figure in fiction. Whatever we do, we always enjoy doing it.
Last April we staged a play. The play needed a large cast, so almost all of us were given some part each. It was open, free of charge, to all our teachers and fellow-pupils. It proved a great success.
At the moment we are busy rehearsing a comedy, which 'we hope to stage in conjunction with the forthcoming Talent time and variety concert in aid of the school library. It is a hilarious piece, and is sure to provide much food for laughter if it is acted properly.
Though our society is a small gathering of only 25 members, we are able to carry on pretty well with our activities. A few of our ex-members are already very successful professional or amateur actors. They give us much help and guidance, and we hope that as years go by many more will join their ranks.

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