January 29, 2015



English Essay on "Water"

Water is spread over four-fifths of the entire surface of the earth. Large areas of event what we call land are covered with rivers, lakes and ice. Water is always present in the atmosphere in the form of water vapour. All living things have water in their bodies and need it for their very existence.
In ancient times, water is the form of rivers, seas and oceans separated one country from another. America and Australia were known to the rest of the world simply because a vast expanse of water separated them from it.' But, man, with his superior knowledge, used the rivers and seas to help him in discovering new lands and in bringing those already known, closer together. He did this by means of boats and ships.
Water, in the form of streams, is used for working heavy and powerful engines. Water in the fast moving rivers moves water mills. in cold countries, water is used for heating rooms, while in hotter lands it is employed for keeping the temperature low. In the form of various gastric juices, water helps in the digestion of food. A normal person loses about six pints of water per day through the lungs, skin, and kidneys, and has to drink roughly the same quantity to replace it. Water is used for cleaning the body and for washing clothes.(4essay.blogspot.com) It helps to keep the temperature of all living beings normal. We drink cold water when we are hot and take hot drinks when we are cold.
Water in rivers, seas and oceans is a great storehouse of fish, an important part of man's diet in many parts of the world. Pearls, shells and several other valuable things also thrive in water.
Water 'provides us with an invaluable medium for exercise and sport. Swimming, perhaps the most balanced physical exercise known to man, would have been impossible but for water.
But when water appears in the forn') of floods, it causes the greatest havoc that any natural calamity can bring about. It washes away men, animals, huge trees, houses, and even whole towns and cities.

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