January 29, 2015



English Essay on "Electricity"

Man has known ever since the beginning of the world. He has, however, not known it fqr very long as a thing, which can be used as well as controlled. At first, he knew it only as a destructive force-in the form of lightning. Whenever there was rain or thunder, he saw a flash of lightning produced by atmospheric electricity. Sometimes it struck trees, animals and even men. Even now some languages have the same word for both lightning and electricity.
But in modern times, man has brought electricity under control. He can produce it and use it as he likes. It is used in lightning streets, houses and shops in towns and cities and even in villages. Radio, cinema and television are all worked by electricity. Fans, refrigerator, heaters and air conditioners would be impossible without it. In the kitchen, electric cookers are fast replacing the hearts and ovens heated by fire. We can send messages all over the world by telephone and telegram, which owe their efficiency, even their very existence, to electricity. Electric bells and burglar alarms have reduced the number of thefts.
Electricity is the most powerful, and at the same time the cheapest means of moving heavy machinery. Almost all modern large-scale industries depend on supply of electric current. These days, it is quite usual to determine how far a country has been industrialized by referring to its supply of electric power.(4essay.blogspot.com) Electric current is also extensively used in metallurgy. When it is passed through the solution of a metal, it separates its impurities.
All this shows that electricity is a very useful form of energy perhaps we can say that the world would be too dull a place for us to live in if this servant of ours were taken away from us.
Like water and fire, however, electricity is a good servant but a bad master we must never handle it carelessly. An electric shock will cause sudden death or render a person paralyzed for life so whenever we find that anything is wrong with an electric fitting. We should call in a trained electrician to attend to it.

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