January 02, 2015

The Uses Of Rivers

The Uses Of Rivers

English Essay on "The Uses Of Rivers"

All old civilizations were river-valley civilizations. In ancient times, life was possible only by the riverside. Rivers supplied our ancestors with food in the form of fish. They supplied both their cattle and themselves with water, for drinking and for keeping their bodies cool and clean. Crops could be grown easily in the soil near a river and, in the case of drought, could be easily water, too. The rivers formed the most important means of travel and transport at a time when where were jungles and forests everywhere. A visit to any ancient town in the world will show that a river runs across or beside it. London is on the Thames the Tiber passes through Rome, while the Jumma passes by Delhi.
Advances of technology in recent centuries have decreased man's dependence on rives. Now wells can be bored for drinking water and even for the irrigation of fields. Large cities no longer obtain their supplies of water only from the rivers passing through or beside them. Hygienically disinfected water from the water works in now supplied to citizens. Roads, railways, and airways have taken over from the river as means of travel and transport.
Yet, rivers have lost little of their ancient importance. Usually, one river or another supplies water to a reservoir from which a town or city gets its water supply. Were the rivers to dry up, the supply of water to various towns would be diminished or stopped altogether. Irrigation of farms still depends on rivers which supply water to various canals dug for the purpose. Where there are no canals, wells are used for Irrigation the level of water in these wells is high or low party depending on their distance from a river in the neighborhood. Rivers are still used for transport, though they are no more the only means of transport.
Dams across large river provide man with artificial lakes in the hearts of continents.4essay.blogspot.com Besides irrigating his farms and gardens, they make possible the generation of much needed electric power. Fast flowing rivers and canals dug out of them are harnessed for moving turbines and wheels of industry.
Rivers are still useful storehouses of human food in. the form of fish, and many rivers act, as guardians of international peace providing the natural boundaries between neighboring countries.
Some people out of ignorance, blame the rivers for the floods, which often cause so much havoc. In fact, the rivers only remove this menace by providing a safe outlet to huge volumes of water.

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