January 02, 2015



English Essay on "History"

History is the Story of past. When we wish to determine the character or capability of a person, we have to look into the past achievement of that person. His future potentialities can be determined only in the light of what he has done in the past similarly, by studying the history of a nation. We can determine that it may achieve in the future. History is, thus, an index to a nation's future possibilities just as it is a mirror to its past achievement.
When we read of the sacrifices that our ancestors made in the service of our nation, we feel proud of them. At The same time, we are encouraged to follow their noble examples and try to become true patriots like them. When we read 'of what some traitors did against the interests of their, own countries, we are filled with hate for them and make up our minds never to let down our country as they let down theirs.
Past success and failure of nations have} a lot to teach the student of history. Causes of failure in the past may well lead to failure now. From the experience of our ancestors, we can learn to remove such causes. For example, after reading what ultimately happened to Napoleon, Hitler, and Mussolini or Tojo, the governments of various countries might resolve to avoid aggression, for aggression has never paid off.
The history of powerful nations reveals the secrets of their power. A number of countries in Asia and Africa have recently achieved independence from foreign domination. Who were the people who fought in the vanguard of the freedom movements in those countries The majority of them were those who, by visiting the countries of their rulers, or by reading their history, had understood the secrets of their strength and their weakness.
A good history-book is also a good storybook. Most of us are fond of light reading.4essay.blogspot.com There can be no reading lighter yet more useful than the reading of history. Description of wars and battles, in which our own beloved heroes appear as chief characters, must be more interesting than any novel, which is fiction, pure and simple.
Bacon claimed that the present generation is always wiser than any generation that has gone before it. We know all that our ancestors knew-from our knowledge of history-and during our own lifetime add much more to it. Were there no record of past events and past wisdom, which we can find in history books, the world would not be what we find it today.

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