January 02, 2015



English Essay on "Libraries"

Libraries have existed for many centuries. Perhaps, the earliest know library was a collection of clay tablets in Babylonia in the first century B.C. Even when paper had been invented libraries consisted of hand written books. Such books were rare and too costly to be lent to the public only a few chosen scholars had access to them. It was only when the printing press had been invented that libraries became really widespread and useful.
Nowadays one can find libraries everywhere -in schools and colleges, in towns and even in small villages. Many countries have visiting libraries-libraries on wheels, which go from place to place lending collecting books. Many private homes have well stocked libraries.
With the spread of education and the consequent advancement of science and arts, many more people want to read books now than ever before. But there are so many useful books now that even a multi-millionaire cannot think of buying and storing all of them. Besides, it would be a waste of money to buy them. Many books are to be read only once or twice, or only partially why buy them for all times to come Libraries solve this problem of spending and saving on books.
Libraries, being, supported by public funds, can afford to have a stock of as many volumes as the reading public may require. By paying a small monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, one may have access to books of all kinds and sizes. Books may be borrowed or consulted in the library. Only those books, which are required to be read every now and then school textbooks for example-should be bought and kept at home.
Reading rooms in the public libraries offer an opportunity for people to pass their leisure hours usefully there can read books and newspapers.
Young boys and girls, who daily go to a library, not only read books, but also meet many of their schoolmates, class fellows, and the young people for other schools in their towns.4essay.blogspot.com Thus they can widen their circles of acquaintances and friends. Knowingly, or unknowingly, they also avoid mixing with bad hats in the town, or sleeping away their afternoons.
Children's sections in various libraries have many books suitable for the children.
Another service that libraries render to the reading public is that they preserve rare and costly books for future generations.
We should therefore do our best to help libraries wherever they may be.

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