January 02, 2015

The Uses Of Railways

The Uses Of Railways

English Essay on "The Uses Of Railways"

Railways are, perhaps the cheapest and safest means of travel and transports these days. Horses and horse carriages are not used any more for travelling to far-off places, and ships can travel only from one part to another, and not overland. It is true that aero planes and cars are faster than railways-trains, but it cannot be denied that they are also more dangerous and more costly.
Railways have contributed to the progress of nations in many ways perhaps the greatest service they have done to any country is that they have created a sense of unity among its various territories by enabling people to travel from place to place. Otherwise, these territories would still have existed as foreign lands within a country. Aero planes, cars, buses and ships also serve the same purpose, but, for the man in the street, travelling by train is the cheapest means of transport.
Famines and droughts caused untold sufferings to people before the railways trains became common. Enough food or water could not be carried to or from places situated far away from a particular point. But now a few trips by a goods train loaded with foodstuffs can easily bring the calamity of famine under control. Thanks to the railways, few people now die through lack of food. Which other people, at some distance form them, have in abundance. The history of various nations particularly that of vast countries, tells that in the past, they were daily faced with rebellions in one part or another. With the introduction of railways, troop’s movements have become so easy, fast, and effective, that rebellions are now seldom heard of in countries with networks of railways.
Besides carrying passengers, railways transport a lot of goods from place to place within a country, and, often, from one country to another. Thus, they promote trade.4essay.blogspot.com Railways also help in opening up new lands.
In many countries, Railways earn a large proportion of their national wealth and provide employment to a large portion of population. Moreover, bridges, dams, and tunnels build initially for the railways have helped people directly or indirectly.

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