January 29, 2015



English Essay on "Hobbies"

Hobbies are activities or leisure hours. They are usually regarded as forms of play for the grown-ups. A child can indulge in any kind of play, but a grown-up person cannot afford to ride a hobby-horse like a child. His play must be such that it does not appear to be childish.
What is a profession to one man may be a hobby to another so long as it is followed as play and not as a means of earning his livelihood. For example, a photographer may turn gardener in the evening or a Sunday, and a gardener may take up photography as his hobby. But there are also many hobbies, which have no connection with any profession as such. Stamp collecting, for example, is nobody's profession.
Some hobbies are very costly. Photography, and collecting rare paintings and works of art may be enumerated among them. An amateur photographer can ask for no return for the films and the time he wastes on his hobby. Rare paintings may, sometimes, cost thousands of dollars apiece. Such hobbies are only for the rich.
I think stamp-collecting is the best hobby for young people, especially for students. We can collect stamps from the letters, which our parent, our friends and we ourselves receive daily. Our friends working in large offices can daily bring us stamps from various parts of the world. We can send some of our stamps to our pen-pals in foreign countries, and get their own stamps in return. A close study of the stamps of various countries, and of different periods, can teach us a lot about their geography and history.
Another useful hobby for us in that of writing letters to our pen friends in foreign lands. The practice of having pen friends in all parts of the world will give us frequent opportunities to express our ideas in written words and thus will make us accomplished writers eventually.(4essay.blogspot.com) The letters from our pen-pals abroad can teach us a lot about their countries.
Games like football, badminton, hockey and cricket are very useful hobbies. They teach us discipline, develop the qualities of co-operation and unselfishness in us, and provide our bodies with plenty of needed exercise. Collecting fossils, flowers and rare plants from the countryside is another useful hobby.
Hobbies are the best means of keeping ourselves from mixing with the undesirable elements in our society we must remain busy if we want our stay at home to be lively and interesting, but we can hardly be expected to be doing serious work all the time. A hobby provides a change from our serious occupation and as it is voluntary, it interests us instead of tiring us.
But, perhaps, it is not very wise to have only one hobby, sometimes; people with a single hobby develop a kind of obsession for it and talk crazily about it. A man of varied interests is always a more pleasant companion than one with obsession for only subject.

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