January 29, 2015

Black Monday

Black Monday

English Essay on "Black Monday"

Black Monday usually refers to the first day of a school term. Why it is so called may be easily understood. During the holidays, we young people are masters of our time. We sleep as long as little as we like. We play when we want to' and study when we wish. Most of our time is spent outdoors swimming, fishing, picnicking, hunting or playing. We sleep much longer than usual and get up rather late. It is not usual during the holidays, to have a nap in the afternoon. We get to love ease and to hate punctually and discipline.
On black Monday we find things completely changed. First of all, we cannot get up in time for school, someone must wake us up. Then breakfast has to be eaten earlier than usual. Our food does not taste nice we push it down our throats but something inside us wants to push it out.
At school we find ourselves out of touch with our lessons. We feel dull and sleepy. We sit our classrooms rather unwillingly. The teacher himself has come to school after a month's rest. He speaks only because he must. Like us he scarcely loves his work on the first day of the term.
We find the chairs and benches under us very hard. All the time we have to shift from side to side and change our position or posture. The teachers think that we are being mischievous, but we cannot help making these awkward movements.
In the afternoon, while the teachers are speaking in a half hearted manner, we begin to doze. Some of us even fall asleep while sitting. This happens because we have become accustomed to sleeping 'at this time during the holidays. Naturally, the time appears to move very slowly. Everybody is waiting for the last bell to go. Even the last bell brings about little change in our low spirits. As soon as it goes, we leave our classrooms like some men leaving the court after hearing an unfavorable verdict. The usual noise at the end of school is conspicuously absent.
Those teachers who are considerate do not give any homework on black Monday, but, if some teachers do give homework, they never succeed in getting us to do it.
Black Monday atmosphere does not, however, last long. After a few days, we feel quite used to school life once more. The lessons become more interesting and we feel completely at home in our classrooms.

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