January 29, 2015

My Town

My Town

English Essay on "My Town"

I live in Ipoh. It is the third largest town in Malaysia and the administrative capital of Perak, the second largest state in this country. Situated in the centre of the Kinta Valley, Ipoh is, naturally, a very rich town. it is surrounded by some of the richest tin-mines in the world, and recently, some iron-mines have been opened within easy reach of it adding still further to its wealth and importance. Ipoh is commonly known as the cleanest town in Malaysia.
The Kinta River divides the main town of Ipoh into two parts, which are more or less of equal size. These are known as the old town (pekan lama) and the new town (pekan Bahru). The river is spanned by four bridges span the river, one each in Brewster Road, Hugh Low Street, Jalan Datoh, and Anderson Drive.
Most of the Government Offices, large business houses, and banks in Ipoh are situated in the old town. Besides, there are a number of educational institutions, like the Anglo-Chinese School , the St. Michael's Institution and the Yuk Choy High School , in this .part of Ipoh. A very prominent feature of the old town is its beautifully situated town padang, which is the scene of much daily sporting activity. All the important national and state functions are also held here. Other important buildings in the old town are the Railway Station the Town Hall. The Old Town Market, the perak mosque and the perak Badminton Hall. The old town, however, cannot boast of many places of amusement. There is only one cinema-hall in it. Consequently, it is deserted at night, when all the shops and offices are closed.
The New Town, unlike the old town, has very few government offices. But it has a large number of cinema halls, a large number of hotels, nightclubs, and a public park known as the coronation Park. The New Town Market is much larger and better provided than the market in the old town.(4essay.blogspot.com) The new town has many important public and social places like the District Hospital, the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. buildings, the St. John Ambulance Bridge and Association Hall, the Anderson School the Convert School and the Methodist Girls' school. In addition, the official residence of the Mentri Sesar of perk is situated in the New town. Those parts of the new town, which contain the various places of amusement, are more crowded at night than in the daytime.
The older suburbs of Ipoh include Gopeng Road, Tambun Road, and Tiger Lane. Many new and larger suburbs have sprung up since the war. Some of these are the Canning Garden Housing Estate, the Happy Garden, the Kuan Who Yuen, the Pasir Pinji Park and the Ipoh Garden.

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