January 02, 2015

The Uses Of Forests

The Uses Of Forests

English Essay on "The Uses Of Forests"

Forests are great treasures of nature. The most obvious use of forests is that they supply man with all kinds of wood. Forests were, perhaps, the earliest abode of man. They supplied him with fuel, protection against heat, rain, and snow, and food in the shape of wild fruits and flesh of wild animals. A cursory look about us will convince us of the part that forests, even now, play in daily life of man. Various articles of furniture, doors, windows, and even walls of houses, matchsticks, and paper are only some of the things we make from the wood, which comes from forests.
Thick forests abound in wild animals. Hunters go into them hunting or trapping lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, and many other animals. Many of these animals can be tamed and put into the service of man while others are killed for their flesh, fat or skins.
All types of herbs and plants grow wild in forests. Many of these are of great value in the manufacture of countless medicines. You have only to visit a Chinese medicine shop in your town to find out how much we depend upon the forests for our supply of medicines.
Another use of forests is that they bring rain and improve the climate. But perhaps, their greatest use is that they prevent floods from carrying away the precious soil. Imagine the heavy tropical rain falling on the bare hills or mountains of Malaysia. After a few hours' rain, water would be running down the slopes at a terrific speed, the current getting stronger every moment. Heavy floods, thus caused, would wash away every Kampong and town along with all men and animals living in them. All fertile soil would be washed away leaving the country a barren stretch of rocks and lakes.
Forests control floods by hindering the free flow of water at every stage. Raindrops fall on the leaves and branches of trees, instead of falling straight on the ground. Undergrowth and decayed wood and leaves on the ground prevent the water from flowing away speedily' much of it is absorbed into the earth before it can escape.
The Sahara and other vast deserts are there simply because there are no forests there to prevent the erosion of the soil by the strong winds which are constantly lashing against the loose surface of the earth and blowing away the soil.4essay.blogspot.com The planting of artificial forests in such areas definitely prevents further spread of desert and even helps in reclaiming much of he valuable land already engulfed by them.
It is, therefore, very important that forests are not ruthlessly destroyed. People should not be allowed to cut down forests for quick and easy profits. Permission should not. Be given to clear away a stretch of forest unless the authorities are satisfied that it will be properly replanted.

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