December 01, 2014



English Essay on "Friends"

According to the concise oxford Dictionary a friend is, one joined to another in intimacy and mutual benevolence independently of family or sexual love This implies that any person other than one's wife or husband or other members of one's family may become one's friend. But, to be friends, people must help one another as unselfishly and know one another as intimacy as do the members of one and the same family.
The above is a definition of real friends. But in modern times, it is quite customary for any two persons to describe themselves as friends of each other, even if they are mere acquaintances. It is, therefore, necessary to divide friends into several categories. There are three very convenient categories of friends the parasites, the admirers and the real friends.
The parasites are selfish. They like us for our wealth. They will stick to us as long as they can benefit from our money. Once our money is exhausted or we refuse to be swindled, they will part company with us, and even go to the extent of harming us. Such friends should be avoided as far as possible. Their advice should not be followed blindly.( We should not let them know our secrets they might exploit them to our disadvantage.
The admirers neither are selfish nor are they selfless devotees. They gather round those people who are masters of one art or' another. Usually, good talkers attract a large number of such friends. They have no interest in one beyond listening to one's stories. Let us say that they are good for the simple reason that they are not bad. They can provide very good company, but students should refuse to entertain them during their study hours. It was about such friends that Bacon once said Friends are thieves of time.
Real friends are hard to find. They are tested and proved in time of need, just as good soldiers are tested and proved on the field of battle. Their words are not so sweet as those of the parasites and the admirers. They never flatter they mean to help their friends rather than flatter them. Of all people they will be the quickest to point our faults and shortcomings. Their criticism and advice should be gratefully accepted. No sacrifice should be considered too great to be made for real friends, for lucky is a person who has a real friends.

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