December 01, 2014

Travelling In Pakistan

Travelling In Pakistan

English Essay on "Travelling In Pakistan"

Formerly, the people in Pakistan travelled more land than by river. In many remote areas of Pakistan the Karachi is still the main If not the only means of travel. This mode of travel is painfully slow and laborious, particularly, when one is travelling up -stream. But over the greater part of this country the Karachi is used no more as a means of transport. People now travel by road by train and even by air.
There is a very good network of roads in Pakistan. Some claim that the Pakistan roads are the best in Asia. While some others hold that they are among the very best in whole world. Whether these claims are justified or not, the fact remains that in Pakistan, now there roads which will enable you to travel from anyone town in it to any other. Even many out-of-the-way villages are accessible to vehicles of all types and sizes from a heavy duty truck to a bicycle thanks, this country' very comprehensive road system.
The Pakistan Railways in provide the most comfortable and cheapest, though by no means, means the most popular means of transport. Because the taxis and buses in this country are very fast and efficient', and because the percentage of car-owners in Pakistan is among the highest in the world, the percentage of car-owners in Pakistan is among the highest in the world.( The percentage of train-passengers in Pakistan is smaller than that in some neighboring countries in Asia. Each mail train contains a dining car and sleeping berths for those who pay for their use.
In recent years, air-travel has become more and more popular in Pakistan. The only concern engaged in air travel within this country is the Pakistani PIA airways. It provides scheduled and chartered' services to a large numbers of towns. There are aerodromes .and air-strips within easy reach of almost all towns in Pakistan. The Pakistani PIA airways also join Pakistan with Indonesia, North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei and Thailand and a 'few other countries in this region. Helicopters are used for air lifting seriously ill people from remote areas of Pakistan to hospitals in large towns. As the helicopters can take 'off and land, vertically, they overcome the lack of aerodromes in these areas. It thus appears that, in the very near future, the helicopters will replace the 'Karachi' in the countryside of Pakistan.
I have made no mention of bicycle travel, because here the bicycle is used for travelling to far off places. Horses and horse’s carriages, which are come in some other countries in Asia, are conspicuous by their absence from the Pakistani scene. The only horses to be seen here are the sophisticated racehorses, which are so much used to comfort and luxury that I wonder if they could keep running for more than an hour at a stretch.

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