December 18, 2014



English Essay on "Animals"

Generally speaking, all quadrupeds are regarded as animals.
According to their-habits of eating, animals are of two kinds-the herbivores and the carnivores. The carnivores are those animals, which live on the flesh of other animal. The lion, the tiger, the wolf, the dog and the cat are typical of such animals. The cow, the horse, the camel and the elephant are some of the herbivorous animals, .which eat grass and-such other plants, natural or cultivated. Nature has provided the carnivores with sharp teeth and relentlessly cruel temperaments, so that they will tear up their victims whenever and wherever they may find them. At the same time, the herbivores have been supplied with a number of devices to protect themselves from their constant enemies. Some of them, like the deer and the antelope, can run so fast that they can seldom be chased with success. Some others, like the buffalo and the elephant, are so strong that they can often fight their fierce assailants.
According to their social habits, animals fall into two, categories-the wild and the domesticated. Originally, we are told all animals were wild, but, as time passed, some of them began to live with man. Most of domestic animals are herbivorous. The cat and dog are perhaps, the only two of the carnivorous animals, which can be readily domesticated. The other carnivores are not, usually, kept as pets. One can see them only in zoo-cages.
Animals, wild or domesticated, carnivorous or herbivorous, are aU useful to man. The wild animals are hunted and trapped for their flesh or skin. The elephant is hunted not only for its flesh but also for its tusks and bones. The domestic animals, like the cow and buffalo, provide man with milk and flesh. Many of them work on farms or are useful as beasts of burden. Up to few decades ago, the camel was, perhaps, the only means of travel and transport across a vast desert it is rightly described as the ship of the desert. In the Polar Regions, the reindeer is just as useful as the camel is in the hot deserts. It pulls the sledge over the snow and ice, and the Eskimos kill it for its meat and fat. Its bones are used for making tools and its skin in made into clothes. The dog protects man's property against theft and robbery while the cat keeps his house clear of rats. The bones of animals are ground into powder and used as highly effective fertilizers. The skins are tanned into leather, while is used in the manufacture of many articles of daily use.
It is a pity that, as the population of human being increases, that of the animals decreases. As time passes, man needs more and more land to grow his food and cash crops, and this extra land he always acquired by clearing away the forests, which have been the natural home and shelter of animals since times immemorial. Modern methods and weapons of hunting are so efficient that they have already eliminated many species of wild animals from some parts of the world.

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