December 18, 2014

Neighbours Good And Bad

Neighbours Good And Bad

English Essay on "Neighbours Good And Bad"

Some people have had neighbors; most have indifferent neighbors, while a few others have good neighbors. We are among the remaining few who are fortunate to have a noble family living on one side of them and equally unfortunate to be plagued with a set of mean people on the other.
There are three boys and two girls in the family living on the left hand, side of our house. They go to the same school as my own brother and sisters. They seldom quarrel among themselves or with others. Their father is a merchant while their mother is a housewife.
Their parents treat us just like their own children. Whenever their mother prepares a special dish, we are sure to get a share of it. Their father is even kinder. His pockets are always full of chocolates and other sweets. These are given to any child who greets him politely. We often address him as 'Uncle Chocolate.' Much as our parents love us, we like to be in our neighbor’s house more than in our own. My youngest sister, one day, asked my mother. Mummy why don't we all go and live in Uncle Chocolate's houses This was a genuine expression of the love we have for our good neighbors.
The neighbors living on the right of our house are different we don't like them at all. The owner has a number of wives. I do not think any of their numerous children goes to school. Our parents have strictly forbidden us to mix with them. If ever we happen to go near them, we are sure to be abused, even hit. Having heard their mothers making fluent use of vulgar words, they have added a lot of indecent words to their own vocabulary.
The women in the house are always quarreling amongst themselves. Often these domestic quarrels end in blows and shoe fighting. Like most other women, they are quick to make peace after a quarrel. But they cannot keep the peace for long.
Whenever they clean their deposit the dirt and dust so gathered, in front of our house generally, our mother ignores this meanness, but, if ever she protests, the whole army of them come out to fight. It is only on such occasions that they are really united.
The husband is a notorious gambler and drunkard. He is seldom at home, but, whenever he is, he beats up his wives and children unreasonably and mercilessly.
Sometimes we think of moving into some other house in the town, but our love for 'Uncle Chocolate' is too strong to let us do so.

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