October 10, 2014

The City Where I live

The City Where I live

English Essay on "The City Where I live"

Big cities are generally thickly populated all over the world. People from different parts of different parts of a country come to the big cities and they have different natures and constitute a society in a big city, therefore many problems are produced in a big city due to thick population and the different nature of the people. Karachi is the big city of Pakistan and it is rightly called "A City of Problems". Due to thick population and ever expanding quality of Karachi, the life of Karachi has become quite difficult and troubling.
  1. There are many problems which we face daily are following.
  2. Traffic and transport problems.
  3. The problems of frequent power failure of electricity.
  4. The problem of short supply of drinking water.
  5. The problems of less number of amusement parks and public libraries.
  6. The problems of broken roads and lack of speed breakers.
  7. The problems of insanitary condition which looks nearly every where.
Majority of the people in Karachi travel in buses, mini buses and coaches which run on the road with full of passengers even the passengers are looking on their roof and hanging outside. Traffic in Karachi is now beyond control. Due to the reckless driving thousands of lives are lost every year. The supply of electric power is inadequate and far from well, low voltage damages the costly electric appliances. The people are looked in great trouble due to the frequent power failure of electricity.(4essay.blogspot.com)
Great rush of people and heavy traffic is a part of life in big cities. So in Karachi the great rush of people and heavy traffic is looked everywhere, here people work like machines. Atmospheric pollution is common due to the smoke of vehicle and the use of chioroflouro carbon. Noise pollution also makes the life of people uneasy.
In Karachi, people are suffered from the short supply of drinking and the daily us of water. The broken roads and insanitary conditions are nearly everywhere which make difficult to move even on foot. Crimes are at peak in Karachi. In buses and wagons pockets are usually picked. Theft, dacoities and burglaries are common. Besides the adulteration, corruption, bribery in offices and violence are the major problem that we face everyday in Karachi. Nowadays homosexuality of young boys and the business of prostitution is increasing. Street beggars are common in Karachi. They get together on the places of amusement and in markets where they try to convince people for their help.
On considering the problems of Karachi as the life in big city, we conclude that the life in big cities has many charms and attractions, it provides many facilities but is also full of mental confusion and worries which destroy the creativity of a person.

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