October 10, 2014

Value of Science in Everyday life

Value of Science in Everyday life

English Essay on "Value of Science in Everyday life"

Science is knowledge about everything which is living or non-living in the universe. It is a collection of some facts, principles and laws which help to understand the forces of nature, the productivity of different things and the wonders of inventions. Everything which is constructed by using the material of natural resources and energy according to some known rules and laws is called Technology. Modern inventions of science are different forms of Technologies.
The knowledge of science has helped the man to discover the secrets of nature. These secrets have been revealed by the scientists in forms of laws, principles and facts. The knowledge about the laws, principles and facts has been provided the base for different inventions which are now being used all over the world. The value of science has been increased due to its wonderful inventions. All the latest inventions of science have made man their slave. The uses of knowledge of science are looking in the productivity of different technologies on which the human life can be made more comfortable and easy.(4essay.blogspot.com)
The knowledge of science is used to understand the nature of plant and animal life. This structural and functional knowledge has made the man to discover the cure of many diseases by using the medicine or surgery. The latest inventions of science and the applications of the knowledge of science on life are collectively called as the wonders of science and now it is being understood that science is necessary for human happiness because its inventions provide happiness and comfort.
Some inventions of science which are known by everyone are following.
  1. Telephone and internet
  2. Mobile Phones
  3. Aeroplanes and Airships
  4. Radio, Television and Tape Recorders
  5. VCR, VCD and DVD Players
  6. Motor vehicles and ships
  7. Microwave Ovens
  8. Vacuum Cleaners
  9. Different kinds of machines
Due to the blessings of science we can fly in air, travel on the surface of land, move inside water and do many works at homes or offices or everywhere with great comfort. The knowledge of science is also used in preparing many devastating and dangerous things which are being applied for killing and destruction. Some devastating inventions of science are following.
  1. Kalashnikov
  2. Atom Bomb
  3. Hydrogen Bomb
  4. Suicide Bomb
  5. Distant Marking Missiles
  6. Nuclear Weapons
The dangerous inventions are being used for killing each other and for the destruction of mankind. Science has become a curse due to its dangerous technologies. Due to the modern inventions of science the meaning of happiness has been changed, now the happiness is searched in materialistic production of science. Everybody is running after money so that they can buy latest inventions. Man has become lazy due to much comfort in life. Mobile Phones, Computers and internet are being used in crimes. Immoral and nude movies are being shown through satellite and cable network. So modern scientific progress is not an unquestioned blessing It has advantages as well as disadvantages.

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