September 22, 2014

The Value of Discipline

The Value of Discipline

English Essay on "The Value of Discipline"

"Unity, Faith and Discipline" these are the three words Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave us. Unity is a great force. A united house is a strong force. We know the, story of the dying old man who gave the lesson of unity to his Sons with the help of a number of sticks. “Faith” means firm believe, the Muslim have their strong faith in Allah. They believe the supremacy of Allah and their faith provides them a power which leads them towards the unity.
Discipline means to pass life in a well organised manner. Discipline is necessary in every field of life. It is a system of commands and performance of work, regularity and compliance or orders. There are following kinds of discipline.
  1. External Discipline
  2. Internal Discipline
  3. Social Discipline
The external discipline is always enforced by competent authority. Internal discipline is according to internal needs, capacities and temperaments of the individuals. It creates the sense of responsibility and help perform honestly. Social discipline means to lead a successful life by acting upon social values and traditions.(
The value and importance of discipline can be described as following.
  1. it attracts the individuals towards constructive and positive activities.
  2. It helps in making good educational system.
  3. It creates self confidence among people.
  4. It produces the sense of responsibility.
  5. It trains people to respect law arid cultural tradition.
On considering the above points, it is cleared that faith is the basic need which produces religious bent of mind. Unity creates a power which builds a nation while discipline creates system for making a good society. So unity, faith and discipline should become a part of the life of every person.

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