September 22, 2014

The Role of Press in Democracy

The Role of Press in Democracy

English Essay on "The Role of Press in Democracy"

The press or the print media plays very important role in a country and all over the world. It provides information about different events related with the life changed. Newspapers, Magazines and other printed reports give a direct effect on the people of a society. News paper reading has its own benefits and utilities which may be stated as following.
  1. It provides current news related with a country and all over the world.
  2. It gives knowledge about the government programmes and its methods to progress the country.
  3. Newspaper reading gives information about latest science discoveries and technological changes about many industries.
  4. Due to newspaper reading one becomes aware about political, social and economical activities occurring all over the world.
  5. All newspaper and magazines give information about famous scientists, political leaders, religious scholars, philosophers, players, T.V artists, writers, poets and film stars.
  6. The press and print media give information about sports, weather forecasting and current affairs.
  7. The newspapers and other print media provide quick knowledge about accidents, earthquakes, social and political affairs.
In democracy, the print media and newspapers are free from any outward pressure and they are free to publish open critical and useful reports, views and interviews. News papers play the role of check and balance. In fact, great changes in the administration of a country may be made through the agency of newspapers.( The main object of the news papers in democracy should be to serve and be helpful to all classes of people. The newspapers provide help in publicity of modern trade and commerce and help in economic development of a country.
It is the duty of all newspapers and magazines that they do not allow their own interests in their reports but they only publish the truth in every section of their printed matter. They give just, right and true information for the public so they must not give and pace of baseless report in their printed matter. If our newspapers and print media realizes its duty and establishes a good system of check and balance then it would be a great source of knowledge.

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