June 06, 2014

The Problems On School Leaving

The Problems On School Leaving

English Essay on "The Problems On School Leaving"

After the period of no cares, no anxieties and no problems, a student is, suddenly, encompassed by some serious problems after leaving his school. The period of a carefree life succumbs to a period of grave problems and the frolicsome lad suddenly becomes a sober and a perplexed person with pessimistic views.
A great number of boys have to face the hardships of life after leaving the schools. Poor, hard pressed or unable to endure the future expenses of educational institutions, most of the parents want their Sons to earn money to support the family. With no vocational training and no definite planning for the future, the boys are at a loss what to do and how to get a job. During their school days no body had cared to guide them in this respect and as such after leaving schools they find it difficult to get a job or follow a career.
Those who want to continue their education are also confronted with problems.(4essay.blogspot.com) The first and the foremost problem they are faced with is getting admission in a college. They have to run from college to college to get admission form and have to wait impatiently for the outcome. They are fortunate if they get admission in a college. Those who get admission in a college arc further burdened with the problem of getting their desired combination of subjects. Usually they are given the combination they are not interested in. One, who is interested in Biology, is compelled to take mathematics.
Another problem awaits them after the admission is over. The method of teaching in colleges is far different from the method of teaching in schools. In schools individuals get attention, their difficulties are removed and their progress is watched. But in colleges, no attention to individual is paid. The lecturer comes, delivers his lecture and goes away without caring for whether the students have grasped the knowledge he has given them. Most of the boys, no matter they come from English medium schools, are unable to understand the fluent English spoken by the lecturers and sit in the class blank faced wondering how to cope with the situation.
The existence of political parties in colleges is also a grave problem. These political parties play at the hand of elder politicians and are always ready to harass their opponents, attack them with fists, sticks and guns and go to the extent of killing them. Due to their irresponsible actions, colleges remain closed for long periods and those who want to learn suffer on account of a handful of troublemakers.

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