May 24, 2014

The Pleasures of School Life

The Pleasures of School Life

English Essay on "The Pleasures of School Life"

The school life has charms and pleasures of its own. These lovely days enthrall the mind and the soul and the sweet recollections of these days in the old age thrill one to one’s utmost and fills one’s heart with an ecstasy. Short lived and fleeting though these days are, yet they are the cream of a student’s life and a period of all glee.
The school life is a period of no cares, no anxieties, no worries and no bothering. As free as a bird and as carefree as an infant, a school student knows of no grief to haunt him. He wants to derive the greatest amount of pleasure out of his life in the school and outside. He wants to enjoy this short lived period as much as possible.
During his school life, a student is not aware of the bitterness of life. His innocent world is limited, comprising of his nearest and dearest and his friends. His thoughts always soar high. His ambitions are innocent and simple. His world is limited to games, sports, jokes and learning.( His jokes are not virulent and are only meant for deriving pleasure rather than inflicting harm.
A school student is a combination of oddities. He eats hearty meals, sleeps soundly for long hours, wants to do nothing but to play or to talk to his friends, grumbles if asked to do sonic physical work by his parents or elders, praises his friends for killing time with him and is never satisfied with his teachers. To him, the homework given by his teachers is a monotonous burden and the extra classes taken by his teachers are something hideous. He is always ready to find some weakness of his teachers and to mimic them in their absence but in their presence he so behaves as to b very sincere, respectful and obedient. He laughs for no cause. He hates to study but always wishes to pass the examination with flying colours.
But the lively school life is not wasted. The school plays a great part in molding the personality and character, the mental horizon and outlook. It is as powerful as home to shape his traits and to make him a man of the future. He learns punctuality at school. He learns cooperation and cultivates the tendency of mutual give-and-take. He shuns away the narrowness of his mind and widens his angle of view; He learns obedience to elders, regularity in work, self control and other virtues.

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