June 06, 2014

My College

My College

English Essay on "My College"

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, my college stands on the vicinity of the city on a vast plot of land. The college, named Quaid-e-Millat Degree College, is run by an educational trust and is considered the best of all colleges as the students of this college always secure positions in higher secondary school and degree examinations. Those who get admission in this college, consider themselves to be fortunate.
My college has a grand building. Double storied and beautifully designed, the college consists of about forty rooms, a great hail, a library, three indoor games rooms and a canteen. The building is divided into different blocks such as arts block, commerce block and science block.(4essay.blogspot.com) These blocks are situated apart from each other.
Each of the rooms is furnished with special furniture’s. All the lecture rooms have long benches and desks arranged in rows, each row of the desks and the benches rising gradually step by step in a slanting manner so that the student on the last bench can have a vivid view of the lecturer and anything he wants to display to the students. The rooms are well decorated with pictures of Quaid-e-Azam, Shaheed-e-Millat and other heroes and great scholars.
The science block has four laboratories, one each for physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. Each of the labs is well equipped with necessary articles, instruments, equipment, chemicals and relative things. In zoology lab specimens of various animals are preserved in jar filled with formalin. In botanical lab specimen of flowers, leaves and small plants are preserved for the students to see and recognize.
There is an indoor game room in each block where students, desirous to play table tennis, or other indoor games, go in their vacant periods. Boys arc seen hanging about here during college hours. At the back of college there is playground where students play hockey, football, cricket and basket ball in the evening under the supervision of the game superintendent.
The lecturers and professors of my college are scholars and learned people. At home ii their respective subjects, they take interest in their job and try to give to the students what they know. A characteristic of the teaching of this college is that the lecturers take pains to explain things over and over again if the students don’t grasp.
A library with innumerable books on all subject stands on the first story. Students are seen reading there during their vacant periods. They can also borrow books from the library for reading them at home. Strict discipline is the hall-mark of the college. The Principal is an elderly man and is very strict in maintaining discipline. So every student is found busy in his work silently.

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