June 06, 2014

The Pleasure of College Life

The Pleasure of College Life

English Essay on "The Pleasure of College Life"

The college life is called the golden period of a student’s life. This is a period when a student is nearing adulthood and his adolescence is stepping towards maturity. At one hand he loves to indulge in jokes, gossip and joviality and on the other he realizes his future responsibilities, He loves to play, to roam, to cat, to sleep and to indulge in hearty laughter’s and idle talks, no doubt, but he is also wise enough to plan for his future, to design, his career and to try to prepare himself for it.
In the college a student learns to be a good citizen. He learns to respect the rights of others, to consider others sentiments, views and feelings, to accommodate others if possible and to sacrifice his interests for others in order to give then sonic small happiness that may brighten their sad life.
The college life is a period of great accomplishments. Through his academic activities a student broadens his mental horizon, widens his angle of views, gains knowledge that may benefit him in his future, acquires knowledge about the different countries of the world, their people, and their ways of living and gets acquainted with the problems different people are confronted With.(4essay.blogspot.com) Through games and sports he learns to respect the laws, to submit to the decision of the authorities, to cooperate with others to give and take for mutual benefit and how to encounter adversary and oppositions in a fair and befitting way. Through taking part in debates, he learns how to express himself clearly, how to influence others with carefully selected words and phrases and how to put forward his arguments to convince others. Through attending the library lie increases his knowledge and gets information that may be beneficial in his life.
Freedom is the hallmark of college life. A student is free to attend the class or to roam without the fear of chidings from his lecturers. He has the freedom to go to the library, to play indoor games, or to indulge in idle talks with his friend. Nobody is there to ask him any question about his activities. But the freedom demands him to be cautious and careful. If used intelligently and purposefully, this freedom may bring him benefits in his future and may help him to lead a respectable life. Otherwise it may lead him to disappointments, failures in life and repentances.
Another characteristic of the college life is that it gives visa to enter the grave st portion of life. Life is not a bed of roses. It is thorny. It has its own pains and pleasures. After preparing for the coming vicissitude, the college life opens the door on a student to a world full of problems, ups and downs, pains and having its own little joys, exhilarations and glee.

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