June 11, 2014

Life in Hostel

Life in Hostel

English Essay on "Life in Hostel"

Hostel is the place where the students, who are not local, get accommodation and it provides them the facilities of boarding and lodging. It is, of course, not as convenient as a home is, but furnishes a great deal of the comforts and pleasures of a home.
A hostel is a place which trains students how to lead a pleasant social life. Students of different classes and status live together, mingle together, play together and eat together. They learn to cooperate with each other, adapt themselves to cope with people of different temperaments, sacrifice their interests for amicable relationship with each other and cultivate the habit of give and take.
In a hostel a student learns regularity. He has to follow a strict programme chalked out by the superintendent of the hostel. He is hound to awake, to eat, to read and to go to sleep at the appointed hours. His life becomes regular.4essay.blogspot.com He learns punctuality which benefits him in his coining years.
The hostel life also teaches a student submission to rules without a grudge, obedience to his superiors unconditionally and to respect the law. These fine qualities, when cultivated, go a long way in making his life successful. Thus he cultivates the traits to respect his country laws, submit to the order of his officers or employers and to be a good citizen and a good subordinate.
In a hostel, a student is not prone to the influence of bad elements. The age being unripe to distinguish between desirables and undesirables, a student who does not live iii a hostel is always open to come in contact with bad elements. Since emotions, sentiments and basic instincts play a great part in adolescence and reasons and wisdom come later, a student falls an easy prey to the understand elements who lead them astray. In a hostel life he is safe from had elements and always under the watching eyes of the superintendent.
But a hostel life has its own disadvantages. It crushes a students spirit of freedom and independence. He cannot use his will, discretion and likings. He becomes only accustomed to follow, submit and obey. This becomes a handicap and cultivates dependence in life. Unable to select his line of action of his own accord, he looks .o others to guide him and to advise him.
Lack of home influences is another drawback of the hostel life. The home is a factory which shapes the trails, the character and the personality of a boy. The love of parents the sympathies and affection of his brothers, sisters and other relatives lilt the emotional gap a homeless boy is destined with. Due to lack of parental loves and non existence of the effects of home atmosphere of love, sympathy and affection, complexes sonie1iinc, form that become troublesome in future. The lack of parental advices also leads such a boy to go astray.

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