June 06, 2014

My First Day at College

My First Day at College

English Essay on "My First Day at College"

For years I have been aspiring to be a college student free from the burden of homework mid free from the niggling’s and chidings of the schoolteachers. I have been seeing my elder brother going to college with only a note book in hand and with no cumbersome burden of various books carried in school bag lying on his shoulder. It looked grand.
The day, I aspired for, came when I got admission in Quaid-e-Millat Degree College. Being a stranger, I roamed to search for the lecture room. At last I was told by a boy to go to the last room along the corridor.4essay.blogspot.com
As I entered the lecture room I found boys sitting there and talking to each other. I took a seat. The boy sitting beside me asked me my name, the name of the school I had come from and the division I had secured in the S.S.C examination.
The lecturer entered the room with a register containing the names of the students of the section. After the roll call he introduced himself to us and asked us to introduce ourselves one by one. Some of the boys were shy and could hardly speak. After the introduction the lecturer told us the days on which be would take his class and also the time. The things were repeated by every lecturer, After the last one left the class, we talked to each other for sometime and then went out with new friends to roam about.
The atmosphere of the college appeared different from the atmosphere of the school I was accessioned to. Boys were seen playing table tennis and other indoor games during college hours. They were free to attend the class, the library, the games rooms or the canteen during college hours. There was no one to ask them what they were doing there.
I, with some friends, then went to the chemistry lab. It was spacious and equipped with necessary articles and chemicals. The lab boy did not allow us to touch anything. I visited the physics lab also and admired it. From there we went to see the library. It comprised of a big hail with wooden almirahs placed along the wall. I was surprised to see so many books. These books were arranged subject wise and kept under locks and keys. On long tables placed at the centre, newspapers, periodicals and magazines were lying for the students to read.
We also peeped into some lecture rooms. Boys were sitting silently listening to the lecture in each room. The lecturer was speaking fluently without bothering if the students were following him. This way of teaching was different from the way of teaching I was accustomed to.

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