May 24, 2014

The Republic Day Celebration in My School

The Republic Day Celebration in My School

English Essay on "The Republic Day Celebration in My School"

The twenty-third of March is an important day in the annals of the independence of Pakistan. On that date in 1940, the Muslims of India demanded a separate home land for them-selves through a resolution called Pakistan resolution. We celebrate this day with great enthusiasm in our school every year. This year too, programmed to celebrate the day was chalked by the school teachers and the Head Master.
We gathered just before 7:30 in the school and stood class-wise in our uniforms. At 7:30 the Head Master unfurled the national flag, and singing of our national anthem, soon followed.
Mean while the school bus was ready outside the school to take us to the mazar of the Quad-e-Azam. We reached the mazar within fifteen minutes and stood in rows.( Thousands of people had already gathered there to see the celebration. The governor arrived soon and was escorted to the dais.
Just at 9 sharp the governor went to the fl post and unfurled the national flag. The national anthem was sung and everybody stood silent like stone statues. Then the army staged a march past and the governor took the salute.
After the march past we returned to our school and soon were dismissed after being asked to assemble again at 4 pm. in the school hail. We assembled there. Some senior teachers and the Head Master spoke to us on the importance of the day. This over, every student was handed over a packet containing sweets. Then we went out to witness a friendly hockey match between class IX and class VIII. After the match was over we returned home.

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