May 28, 2012



Points: Introduction - The popular notion that spring is the most delightful period of the year - To me winter appears to be the best season of the year.

The principal seasons of Pakistan are summer, the rains, the winter, and spring. The rainy season lasts from about the middle of June to the close of October. During this period the wind usually blows from the south. There is very little business done in these days. It is the dullest part of the year. Summer is also a tedious season of the year. Dust-storms blow, the atmosphere is stifling and intolerable, and one finds neither the inclination nor the energy for work.

The popular notion is that spring is the most delightful period of the year. It is the favorite theme of poets. Nature assumes a pleasing aspect during this season. Birds sing and flowers bloom on the trees. So the approach of Spring is hailed with joy everywhere.

But, as far as I am concerned, I like winter best of all the seasons of the year. It has its drawbacks, but so far as this country is concerned, the winter season is perhaps the only season that is really enjoyable and attractive.

Ours is a tropical country and the cold of winter is not so unbearable as it is in Europe. In England the leaves of trees and plants wither and the whole countryside seems to wear a gloomy look. There is no sign of vegetation anywhere. Violent gales and snow-storms blow in this season and make people prisoners indoors. The days pass without sunshine, and the poor people suffer from the hardships of the weather and die of pneumonia. Business is sometimes brought to a standstill. A thick fog covers the entire sky. Therefore, winter is quite an unpleasant season in cold countries.

But the cold in the Karachi during the winter months is far from being severe. It is a relief to the people who suffer from the excessive heat of the scorching summer. There are no heavy showers of rain during the winter months nor are there dust-storms that bring business to a stand-still. Days are bright and sunny. We feel inspired to work harder in this season. The pleasant sunshine cheers our spirits.

The cold season is most favorable to outdoor sports and games. It is true that we can play foot-ball and hockey even in the summer and the rainy seasons, but winter is the time for cricket. Cricket is my favorite game, and the approach of winter is, therefore, welcome to me. I can spend the whole day out-of-doors in this season. The weather is not oppressive and heavy rains and storms do not keep us prisoners at home. Even foot-ball and hockey can be played with much greater enthusiasm and pleasure in winter than in summer. In summer one begins to perspire in a short time and so the whole charm of the game is lost.

The excessive heat of summer produces inactivity among our people. They cannot work hard during summer. In winter we can work with greater energy and zest. We apply ourselves to our work seriously in this season. The nights are longer and we can get more time to study at right without being disturbed by the din and bustle of the people during the day-time.

The public health is, as a rule, favorable during winter. Most of the epidemics, such as cholera and small-pox, which rage virulently in summer, do not trouble us now. Even malaria is not so troublesome in this season as it is in summer. Winter is therefore generally regarded as the most-healthy season of the year.

Fresh and dry fruits can be had in abundance in this season. Although we do not get mangoes in this season, yet we can have in plenty oranges, apples, bananas, and other fruits at quite a reasonable price. People eat dried fruits to improve their health. It is for these reasons that I regard winter as the most enjoyable season of the year.

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