June 08, 2012

The Teacher I Like Most

The Teacher I Like Most

Points: Introduction _ A distinguished scholar - Friendly' to students - Conclusion.

It is difficult frankly to say which of my teachers I like most. But as this is in writing and none of my other teacher's will know of this, I may venture to express my feelings. It is in confidence that I am writing the following lines.

Prof. Amjad Hussain is the teacher whom I like most. I have my own reasons for my liking him so much. He is first of all a distinguished scholar. His career as a student had been very brilliant. This was because he labored hard for his studies. He never studied only to pass his examinations. He studied to know and his knowledge of all the subjects he read is vast as well as deep. He can therefore, teach many subjects with equal proficiency though he is an M.A. in English only.

As regards the teaching of his own subject, we have nothing but admiration for him. It seems that everything is at his fingers' ends. He leaves nothing unexplained. Most of the teachers are annoyed if questions are put to them for clarification. But he is quite different. He invites questions from the students and is pleased when these are put to him. To him all students are equal. He makes no preferential treatment.

His mode of teaching is excellent: He teaches by stories. Whenever there is any difficulty in explaining an expression or passage, he tells us such a story that the difficulty is at once over. His stories in general have a humorous vein in them and we enjoy them very much. So long we stay in his class, we are all attentive to him. We feel extremely sorry when his period is over.

In all our extra-academic activities, he is our friend. He mixes with us just like a friend. And he helps us just like a friend. He guides us as an elder brother guides his younger brothers. Each and every action of his shows his profound affection for us.

His affection for us is all the more evident when we fall ill. He is then by our side. His tender nursing and sweet words serve as an elixir for us. The first words that come from the lips of an ailing student are: "Will you kindly inform Prof. Amjad Hussain of my illness?"

As a man, he is also excellent. He mixes with all and is never proud of his learning. He is a universal friend both inside and outside the college. These are some of the reasons for which I like Prof. Amjad Hussain as the best of all our teachers. It will be most unfortunate if we are to lose him.