May 28, 2012



Points: Introduction - Arguments against higher education – Regard for Secondary Examination Certificate - Benefits of higher education Conclusion.

After passing my Secondary Examination I intend to join the College. There may be people who do not believe in higher education. They may say that reading in the college is mere wasting of time and money as the university degree does not count much these days.

Before giving arguments in support of higher education, let me see the general opinion of the people. This is amply proved by the facts that an ordinary graduate runs after post carrying, say rupees six hundred per month. He attends many interviews without any success. Moreover the higher education is not of any practical use in life. Surely human life is not long enough for that.

The above arguments have some truth in them. But who can deny the advantages that the higher education confers upon man. Moreover, to pass the Secondary Examination is not to reach the top of successful life. Secondary Examination is the gateway to the world of knowledge. Unless man gets through this gate, his life is sealed to him. He cannot have higher prospects without higher education. All the learned professions such as law, medicine, teaching and engineering are beyond his reach.

In this advanced age people do not, care for the secondary certificate. The Railway Department in which thousands of illiterate are working, has no consideration for those who are proud of their secondary certificates. It is almost impossible to find a job, be it ever so small, for one who has passed only Secondary Examination with high hopes. Lastly, a successful candidate in Secondary Examination does not, fare well in the matrimonial market. In spite of his other qualities of head and heart a boy is useless in this market if he has no university degree. No one likes to give his daughter in marriage to a boy who is matriculate only.

I think that none can deny that Higher Education trains the mind just as physical culture trains the body. Higher Education widens the outlook. It enables us to read the thoughts of great persons of all ages. The History tells us that education plays the most important part in the making of a country. In every country and in every age it was the men of Higher Education who taught, instructed and molded the minds of people.

Higher Education is useful to us in other ways. In Government and private services there are departments which are open to those only who have university qualifications. For these reasons and so many others I have decided to receive higher education.

I never mean to say that without higher education men cannot succeed in their lives. Sometimes the illiterate persons rose high and led the humanity. But the facts of their life reveal that they possessed the highest education which they got by their own efforts outside any school or college.

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