May 02, 2017

The Police Man

The Police Man

English Essay on "The Police Man"

A policeman is a public servant. In foreign countries he helps people a lot. He is even ready to carry articles of an old or disabled man to his home. He is always ready to help you in any way. But in Pakistan things are otherwise. He is considered to be some one very important and nobody can dare ask him even to accompany him to show him the way. He is not a servant but a master.
Clad in proper uniform, a police man can be seen on a crossing controlling traffic, on a road walking leisurely or in a police car sitting with an automatic weapon. The traffic police man is clad in white uniform and a white helmet. The civil police man wears Khaki uniform and the armed police man is clad in Malaysia. In fact, it is the uniform that tells us if a police man belongs to traffic wing, civil wing or armed wing.
A single police man controls the traffic at a crossing. It is not the man who controls the heavy traffic but it is the authority vested in him that controls. Cars, motor cycles, buses and trucks stop and stand still or move at his signals. They know that if they do not obey him, they would be challenged, fined or even jailed at his report.
The police deportment is a necessity for running the government smoothly. The main duty of a police man is to maintain law and order, arrest the wrong doers, criminals, culprits or suspects and produce them before courts with proofs to get them their due punishment. He has a very vast authority and as such every one is afraid of him. If he is annoyed, he can put one behind the bars. People report thefts, street fights or other accidents or incidents to the police and the police investigates to arrest the wrong doer. The Opponents of the ruling junta are always afraid of the police for they can be involved in any case falsely.
A police man is low paid but he is considered to be on the duty twenty fours hours a day and can be called for duty at any time. His duty is hard, and tedious. In chilling cold, scorching heat, stormy atmosphere and heavy downpour he is expected to be on his duty under all circumstances and is not expected to leave, no matter he becomes suddenly ill.

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